Charlie Adam looked a bit confused. Yes, he’d just scored only his eighth goal in almost three years, but that wasn’t it. His dilemma was this: How should he celebrate against Liverpool, a team he’d once played for?

Adam started out with a one-handed salute of apology – the now-traditional response when you find that you’ve somehow wound up sticking one past a former team. But then, mid-way through, he seemed to remember how Liverpool had made him a scapegoat for much of their troubles under Kenny Dalglish. How they’d alienated him from the first team. And, worst of all, how they’d sold him to Stoke. He stopped short of screaming phlegmy obscenities down the camera to Dalglish, but he did at least show some form of vindictive glee as he turned to face his own fans. “I fucking hate those guys,” he may as well have mouthed.

Read full column at VICE.

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